Ilford Historical Society Talks

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The Ilford Historical Society is meeting in the Chapel on the following dates at 19.30 hrs

13 February 2017 Folklore & Traditions: particularly related to Essex by Mark Lewis, author.

13 March 2017 International Women’s Month Elizabeth I – the last of the Tudors: the sun around which her courtiers warily orbited: Burghley, Drake, Essex, Hatton, Leicester, & Walsingham by Jef Page, President IHS

10 April 2017 at 7pm AGM followed by The Solace and Inspiration of Nature including John Clare, Edward Thomas and other poets connected with Epping Forest. by Georgina Green, IHS Vice-President.  

8 May 2017 The First Day of the Battle of the Somme: 1st July 1916

by Jef Page, IHS President.