Our Chaplain, Fr. Martin Howse, SSC, presides at our Eucharist every Thursday lunchtime throughout the year, commencing at 12.35 pm. The Service includes a brief Sermon and refreshments are available afterwards.

The Healing Ministry:-
On the first Thursday of the month at the 12.35pm mass, Fr. Martin provides the ministry of healing (for those who would like it including the laying-on-of-hands with prayer and holy anointing).

Prayers for the Sick:
We are always pleased to pray for those who are sick but to conform to the law (The Data Protection Act) we need their permission, (or the permission of a close member of the family) to use their name. Forms are now available on the table at the back of the Chapel for the information to be entered. If for any reason permission can’t be obtained we can use just their Christian name but it is still necessary to complete a form to indicate this so the person who is submitting a name can be identified. Names are kept on the list for 4 weeks and then need to be renewed.

Fr. Howse can be contacted via the Chapel Office.